If you could predict the performance of your
Players – average, good, or not quite sure;
If you knew when those players would slip up,
The extent of their hurt – and their mending;
If you knew how consumers would be trending
The next day and every day after;
If you knew which ads would really add up
And turn marketing fears into laughter;

If you knew now what tomorrow you’ll know
Or if tomorrow will be yes or no;
If you knew Monday which brand new will sell
On Wednesday – if you could only tell
Which saleables will sell best next summer
If still’s still best or sparkling sells better;
If you could turn information into
Insight and vision into winning you . . .

. . . would. Wouldn’t you? We can help.


More big data makes the power to predict ever more valuable. As usual, IBM leads the field. IBM SPSS predictive software harnesses deep analytics to transform future insights into business smarts.

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